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Istanbul Spice Market

Also called the Egyptian Bazaar or Misir Carsisi, is filled with the smells of the exotic east. Spices, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, Turkish Delight and other edibles fill most of the shops, though jewelry and other high-margin goods are for sale as well nowadays, as in the Grand Bazaar.

Baharat Spice Center

Baharat Spice Center (3899 views)

Belly Dance Dresses

Belly Dance Dresses (6001 views)


Cheese (2549 views)


Curries (2927 views)

Dades And Figs

Dades And Figs (2698 views)

Mixed Business

Mixed Business (2632 views)

Spice Market Entrance

Spice Market Entrance (3851 views)

Spice Market Street

Spice Market Street (3741 views)

Turkish Spices

Turkish Spices (6224 views)

Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea (3637 views)

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