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Grand Bazaar Kapali Carsi

The Grand Bazaar is Turkey's largest covered market offering nice shopping. Turkish carpets, glazed tiles and pottery, copper and brass ware, apparel made of leather, cotton and wool.

Istanbul Spice MarketAlso called the Egyptian Bazaar or Misir Carsisi, is filled...
At The Entrance

At The Entrance (2654 views)

Ceramics And Jewelry

Ceramics And Jewelry (4315 views)

Covered Shopping

Covered Shopping (2687 views)

Grand Bazaar Clothes

Grand Bazaar Clothes (9538 views)

Grand Bazaar Shop Window

Grand Bazaar Shop Window (4041 views)

In The Grand Bazaar

In The Grand Bazaar (4201 views)

Lamp Shop

Lamp Shop (2791 views)

Market Entrance Gate

Market Entrance Gate (2492 views)

Market Inside

Market Inside (3189 views)

Tourists Shopping

Tourists Shopping (9526 views)

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight (14486 views)

Turkish Rugs For Sale

Turkish Rugs For Sale (4691 views)

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