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Hagia Sophia of Theodusius was burned down in the fire of Nika Revolt in 532 A.D. during the reign of Justinian. The same year Justinian ordered to build a new basilica the one we can see today, and only 5 years later, 537 A.D. it was opened to the public. Hagia Sophia, the legacy of both Christian and Muslim culture, was opened for visits as a museum according to the order of Ataturk in 1935. See here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hagia_Sophia. Also known as Aya Sofia.

Frescos in Hagia SophiaSome of the Frescos in the Hagia Sophia...
Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia (3100 views)

Hagia Sophia Picture Two

Hagia Sophia Picture Two (3290 views)

arabic symbols

Arabic Symbols (4203 views)

big marble floor

Big Marble Floor (4092 views)

depiction of holy kaaba mecca

Depiction Of Holy Kaaba Mecca (5323 views)


Domes (2529 views)

Hagia Sophia Architecture

Hagia Sophia Architecture (19504 views)

hagia sophia ceiling five

Hagia Sophia Ceiling Five (2940 views)

hagia sophia ceiling four

Hagia Sophia Ceiling Four (3141 views)

hagia sophia ceiling seven

Hagia Sophia Ceiling Seven (3508 views)

hagia sophia ceiling six

Hagia Sophia Ceiling Six (2717 views)

hagia sophia ceiling three

Hagia Sophia Ceiling Three (2382 views)

hagia sophia ceiling two

Hagia Sophia Ceiling Two (2756 views)

hagia sophia ceiling

Hagia Sophia Ceiling (3027 views)

hagia sophia interior five

Hagia Sophia Interior Five (2783 views)

hagia sophia interior four

Hagia Sophia Interior Four (2641 views)

hagia sophia interior one

Hagia Sophia Interior One (2568 views)

hagia sophia interior six

Hagia Sophia Interior Six (4745 views)

hagia sophia interior three

Hagia Sophia Interior Three (2460 views)

hagia sophia interior two

Hagia Sophia Interior Two (2359 views)

interior ceiling construction

Interior Ceiling Construction (2354 views)

interior detail three

Interior Detail Three (1934 views)

interior detail two

Interior Detail Two (1992 views)

interior detail

Interior Detail (1969 views)

looking up hagia sophia

Looking Up Hagia Sophia (2108 views)

Maria on Ceiling

Maria On Ceiling (2076 views)


Mimba (2057 views)

mozaik information

Mozaik Information (1975 views)

outside two

Outside Two (2123 views)

outside wall

Outside Wall (1875 views)

painting in hagia sophia

Painting In Hagia Sophia (2291 views)

paintings in hagia sophia two

Paintings In Hagia Sophia Two (2142 views)

paintings in hagia sophia

Paintings In Hagia Sophia (3903 views)

people in hagia sophia

People In Hagia Sophia (2244 views)

sophia minaret

Sophia Minaret (1948 views)

sultans loge

Sultans Loge (2272 views)


Windows (1765 views)

Marble Jar

Marble Jar (2660 views)

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