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Archaeological Museum Istanbul

The Istanbul Archaeological Museum is actually a complex of three museums. Museum of Oriental Antiquities, Archaeological Museum, Tiled Pavillion. The museum is one of the largest collections of classic artifacts. It shows sculptures, relics and treasures dating from the Archaic age upto the Roman Empire period.

Alexander Sarcophagus

Alexander Sarcophagus (4487 views)

Archaeologic Artifacts

Archaeologic Artifacts (4410 views)

Archaeological Museum Istanbul

Archaeological Museum Istanbul (4233 views)

Archaic Period Sculptures

Archaic Period Sculptures (3470 views)


Buste (2510 views)

Busts And Statues

Busts And Statues (2443 views)

Child Head

Child Head (2246 views)

Gospel Of Sumela

Gospel Of Sumela (2353 views)

Hellenistic Sculpture

Hellenistic Sculpture (3047 views)

Inside The Museum

Inside The Museum (2389 views)

Lycian Sarcophagus

Lycian Sarcophagus (2762 views)

Male Head

Male Head (2268 views)

Park Near Museum

Park Near Museum (2128 views)

Plaque With Lotus Motiv

Plaque With Lotus Motiv (2262 views)


Sarcophagi (4202 views)

Sarcophagus From Above

Sarcophagus From Above (7173 views)

Sarcophagus Head

Sarcophagus Head (3104 views)

Sarcophagus Sidon Necropolis

Sarcophagus Sidon Necropolis (3787 views)

Sculpture Group

Sculpture Group (2249 views)

Sculpture With Beard

Sculpture With Beard (2597 views)

Skull And Bones 2

Skull And Bones 2 (3159 views)

Skull And Bones

Skull And Bones (2997 views)

Statues In Museum Park

Statues In Museum Park (2543 views)

Three Sarcophagi

Three Sarcophagi (1782 views)

Two Women Heads

Two Women Heads (1963 views)

Woman Statue

Woman Statue (2145 views)

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