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Galata Bridge Fishermen

The Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn is crowded with fishermen. Hundreds of fishermen.

bosporus fishermen

Bosporus Fishermen (2652 views)

caught a fish

Caught A Fish (3054 views)

cooking the fish

Cooking The Fish (2964 views)

fish and shoarma

Fish And Shoarma (3649 views)

fishermen on galata bridge

Fishermen On Galata Bridge (2784 views)

galata bridge istanbul

Galata Bridge Istanbul (3030 views)

galata bridge three

Galata Bridge Three (2363 views)

galata bridge two

Galata Bridge Two (2405 views)

galata bridge

Galata Bridge (2458 views)

galata fishermen one

Galata Fishermen One (2413 views)

turkish fish

Turkish Fish (3227 views)

Turkish Fishermen

Turkish Fishermen (8077 views)