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Topkapi Palace Istanbul

The Topkapi Palace is one of the world famous palaces, and a must if you visit Istanbul. It has many beautiful rooms with marble and mozaics. See the Harem and the Imperial treasury.

Ceiling And Columns

Ceiling And Columns (2095 views)


Ceiling (2150 views)

Circumcision Room Ceiling

Circumcision Room Ceiling (3128 views)

Circumcision Room

Circumcision Room (2499 views)

Council Chamber Wall

Council Chamber Wall (2164 views)

Council Chamber

Council Chamber (2069 views)

Expensive Rugs

Expensive Rugs (2878 views)

Inside The Palace

Inside The Palace (2163 views)

Inside The Topkapi

Inside The Topkapi (2280 views)

Mozaic And Window

Mozaic And Window (2160 views)

Mozaics Inside

Mozaics Inside (2169 views)


Mozaics (2267 views)

Overlooking The Bosphorus

Overlooking The Bosphorus (2134 views)

Palace Building

Palace Building (2137 views)

Palace Trees

Palace Trees (2324 views)

Palace With A View

Palace With A View (1800 views)

People Visiting The Palace

People Visiting The Palace (2255 views)


Restaurants (1820 views)

Ship On The Bosphorus

Ship On The Bosphorus (1752 views)

Stove And Mosaics

Stove And Mosaics (1719 views)

Sultans Tree

Sultans Tree (2353 views)

Throne Covers 2

Throne Covers 2 (1756 views)

Throne Covers

Throne Covers (1759 views)

Topkapi Building

Topkapi Building (1876 views)

Topkapi Entrance

Topkapi Entrance (1805 views)

Topkapi Plan

Topkapi Plan (2708 views)

Topkapi Restaurant

Topkapi Restaurant (3805 views)

Topkapi Visitors

Topkapi Visitors (7341 views)

Walls And Ceiling

Walls And Ceiling (2014 views)