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Hippodrome Monuments

The Hippodrome was where chariot races were held in the time when Istanbul was still called Constantinople. On the Hippodrome you can find three monuments, an Obelisk from Egypt, Serpentine Column from Delphi, and the Column of Constantine.

Base Of Obelisk

Base Of Obelisk (2620 views)

Ceiling Of Hippodrome Fountain

Ceiling Of Hippodrome Fountain (2226 views)

Column Of Constantine

Column Of Constantine (2403 views)

Obelisk On Hippodrome

Obelisk On Hippodrome (2985 views)

Obelisk View

Obelisk View (8848 views)


Obelisk (3029 views)

Serpentine And Obelisk

Serpentine And Obelisk (2382 views)

Serpentine Column Of Delphi

Serpentine Column Of Delphi (3110 views)

Wilhelm Fountain

Wilhelm Fountain (2200 views)