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Bosphorus Real Estate and Houses

Famous Ottoman waterside residences and Palaces along the Bosphorus, also known as Yali or Yalisi. Mostly build from wood. Take the ferry, and enjoy a day on the Bosphorus.

Thracian CastleOr Rumeli Hisari. Castle on the Bosphorus, build in 1423...
Five Storey House

Five Storey House (4757 views)

Beautiful Architecture on the Bosphorus

Beautiful Architecture On The Bosphorus (16845 views)

Beautiful Architecture

Beautiful Architecture (7966 views)

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace (3221 views)

Bosphorus House with Restaurant

Bosphorus House With Restaurant (7486 views)

Bosphorus Houses

Bosphorus Houses (3937 views)

Ortakoy Mosque

Ortakoy Mosque (2298 views)

Bosphorus Peace

Bosphorus Peace (3217 views)

Brown House

Brown House (3285 views)

Ciragan Palace Bosphorus

Ciragan Palace Bosphorus (4180 views)

Ciragan Palace

Ciragan Palace (4489 views)

Dutch Embassy on the Bosphorus

Dutch Embassy On The Bosphorus (4960 views)

Fixer Uppers

Fixer Uppers (3447 views)

house and restaurant

House And Restaurant (2789 views)

house in renovation

House In Renovation (2888 views)

House with Flag

House With Flag (2449 views)

House with Terrace

House With Terrace (2426 views)

A House

A House (4036 views)

houses along the bosphorus

Houses Along The Bosphorus (2504 views)

houses in ruins one

Houses In Ruins One (2373 views)

houses needing some work

Houses Needing Some Work (2006 views)

houses on a hill

Houses On A Hill (2707 views)

houses on the bosphorus

Houses On The Bosphorus (2904 views)

houses on the riverside

Houses On The Riverside (2396 views)

istanbul houses bosphorus

Istanbul Houses Bosphorus (3909 views)

just painted house

Just Painted House (3603 views)

luxury houses on hill

Luxury Houses On Hill (4174 views)

mosque and city

Mosque And City (2263 views)

nice house

Nice House (5504 views)

nice houses

Nice Houses (3792 views)

Ottoman Architecture

Ottoman Architecture (3722 views)

saglik bakanligi

Saglik Bakanligi (2260 views)

ship on the bosphorus

Ship On The Bosphorus (2067 views)

turkish creativity

Turkish Creativity (2114 views)

white building

White Building (2461 views)

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