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The Galata Tower is about 65 meters high and offers great views over Istanbul and the Golden Horn. It was built as the Christea Turris in 1348 in then, Constantinople. It was opened to the public in the 1960s and has a restaurant on top. Go there in the morning for the best views, not, like me, in the afternoon. You can get hazy pictures...

bosphorus from tower

Bosphorus From Tower (2213 views)

bridge and mosque from tower

Bridge And Mosque From Tower (2627 views)

cruise ship ms orchestra

Cruise Ship Ms Orchestra (6120 views)

from galata tower

From Galata Tower (2835 views)

galata tower from below

Galata Tower From Below (3033 views)

Galata Tower

Galata Tower (8400 views)

hagia sofia from tower

Hagia Sofia From Tower (2339 views)

hazy istanbul from tower

Hazy Istanbul From Tower (2270 views)

istanbul from galata tower

Istanbul From Galata Tower (2252 views)

istanbul harbor

Istanbul Harbor (3122 views)

istanbul houses

Istanbul Houses (3688 views)

people on the tower two

People On The Tower Two (2329 views)

people on the tower

People On The Tower (2334 views)

ships in front of istanbul

Ships In Front Of Istanbul (2183 views)

topkapi palace far away

Topkapi Palace Far Away (2262 views)

topkapi palace from tower

Topkapi Palace From Tower (3957 views)

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