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Blue Mosque Istanbul Sultanahmet Camii

The Blue Mosque is a prominent landmark in Istanbul. It was founded by Sultan Ahmed the First in 1609. The dome of the Mosque is is 23.5 in diameter and 43m high. It has six minarets, and has a decorative fountain in front.

arabic text on mosque

Arabic Text On Mosque (4224 views)

arabic writings mosque

Arabic Writings Mosque (3693 views)

blue mosque interior three

Blue Mosque Interior Three (3847 views)

blue mosque interior two

Blue Mosque Interior Two (3055 views)

blue mosque interior

Blue Mosque Interior (6539 views)

carpet in mosque

Carpet In Mosque (3143 views)

little kid in mosque

Little Kid In Mosque (2868 views)


Minaret (2365 views)

mosque and trees

Mosque And Trees (2275 views)

mosque ceiling three

Mosque Ceiling Three (2452 views)

mosque ceiling two

Mosque Ceiling Two (2274 views)

mosque ceiling

Mosque Ceiling (2580 views)

mosque court yard

Mosque Court Yard (2539 views)

Mosque Minaret

Mosque Minaret (2701 views)

sultanahmet camii

Sultanahmet Camii (4091 views)

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque (7471 views)

tourits visiting blue mosque

Tourits Visiting Blue Mosque (2651 views)